You wouldn't build a house without some basic design principles - but did your organisation structure just happen?

If the shape and structure of your business are not right, then your performance and profitability are less than they could be!

Our small specialist team has helped many organisations to achieve considerable benefit from an independent, objective review of the way in which they are configured and structured.

We know that, while not cast in stone, there are some basic principles of organisation design which, if followed, tend to make businesses more effective - and which, conversely, tend to impede progress if not followed. The way in which we can quickly screen your organisation against these will identify whether your business is appropriately shaped for tomorrow's - rather than yesterday's - requirements.

We have a five-point approach which:

has been developed and refined over many years
has been used in many different sizes of organisation across many
different sectors
and which:
can help you to identify quickly whether scope exists to improve the focus and performance (and the profitability) of your business.
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